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Hi this is Casandra Valentin. I am CEO of Valentina media Inc. What I want to do is put together a small series on business tips for business owners in regards to digital marketing and SEO.

A couple of key things you need to have on your website the idea is to optimize your website that way you can gain more traffic.

Definitely there’s a few things you want to have on your homepage; these things are your company logo, also you want to put your company information on there stating what the company does, what it is you can do for your customers, what you can offer them. 

Make sure you include reviews from anyone you’ve done business with whether it’s your current clients, whether it’s people you are looking to get as clients where they can say “the communication process has been fairly easy”, other companies you’ve done work with, anyone that comes to mind. By having these reviews it builds trust automatically when your visitors come to your site. They see the relationships that you have, they see what it is you can do for them, and they know that you may be a good fit for them just by what other people say about your company.

Also make sure you have sharing buttons at the bottom of your page. Nowadays content is being shared like crazy so you want to give them the option for them to access any sharing button on any type of content, whether it is a article or a post or a video of or a photo.  You want to have those sharing buttons of social media which makes it easy for them to click a button and automatically your information gets sent out to their audience.

One last tip, I see this constantly the location of your business needs to be consistent. If you’re using suite in your address STE use a STE; if you’re using suite actually SUITE then use SUITE. Don’t change your address and have different variations. This is what I mean keep it consistent across every website page, every social media platform you use, and every third party you use to advertise your business. Never mix and match.

I hope this gives you a little bit more of an idea about how to go about optimizing your website on how you should have your website set up. 

Keep a lookout for more tips I am putting together a 101 series for business owners so that they understand SEO and the little ways you can implement that into your digital marketing.

Take Care!