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Who is Google?

Hey everyone, this is Casandra, CEO of Valentina Media. I just wanted to let you know a couple of things about Google that you may not have already known. First off, Google is a search engine that pulls information off all the websites on the internet and it organizes it.

It actually has a mind of its own. Google is always changing its algorithms based on a 6 month period. So there is always new information that they are pulling up. So you as a business owner should know that all your information should be put online through your website and social media platforms. The information that Google pulls from your website makes it easy for the users using Google search engine to find all the information that they need to know about you.

It’s important to have your information online because Google organizes it. That way whenever anyone searches through the Google search engine, Google is able to pull all your information and present it to that user.

What is a keyword? Well keywords are what people use to search online through Google’s search engine. These are the search terms they are looking up and what Google does is it pulls up all the information related to their searches.

Your Goal As a Business Owner

So the goal of this video is making sure that all your information, your business addresses, your photos, and your location are on the internet.


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